Pacific Biodiesel Still Strong on Maui

Mahalo to all our concerned supporters! Pacific Biodiesel’s presence on Maui is expanding, despite the closure of the Central Maui Landfill processing plant. On Oahu, Maui and Hawaii islands Pacific Biodiesel Logistics collects used cooking oil for free from restaurants and resorts for recycling into renewable fuel at Big Island Biodiesel. We also continue to service commercial grease traps on all islands. Since beginning its trucking operation in 2010, Pacific Biodiesel has saved the Maui food service industry over $1 million in collection and service fees and the number of participating restaurants is growing weekly.   The fuel processed at Big Island Biodiesel is distributed throughout Hawaii. The number of companies on Maui using biodiesel is also increasing as consumer engagement continues to inspire businesses to commit to environmental practices.

Pacific Biodiesel, the only commercial biofuels producer in the State of Hawaii, collects waste oils and distributes our premium quality renewable biodiesel on all islands.

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Our Mission: To promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels

Pacific Biodiesel is a leading pioneer and advocate for the establishment of community-based biodiesel. We have over a decade of experience in constructing and operating biodiesel processing plants, as well as producing and marketing quality fuels, industry-leading accomplishments no other U.S. company can claim. Through our sister companies, Pacific Biodiesel Incorporated and Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, LLC we produce and sell quality fuels and design, build, and support biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. Our advanced water-free processing technology capitalizes on our leadership in production flexibility. We build scalable plants designed to serve the demands of a local community using a variety of feedstocks produced by local suppliers.

Bob VideoPacific Biodiesel is proud to be partnered with environmental heroes like Willie Nelson. Check out this exciting video of Local and Sustainable Biodiesel in Oregon featuring the legendary singer himself.

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